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Sacred Resonance

Solar Eclipse

FrInge 2021

Music of the Spheres

 Science meets Art & Consciousness



Sacred Resonance are back at the Adelaide Planetarium for 18 shows, over two weekends during Adelaide Fringe 2021! Ancient mystics proposed that heavenly bodies emit a musical hum throughout the cosmos. 


'StellarSphere', a journey through the 'music of the spheres,’ is a live full-dome performance of harmonic sounds and celestial imagery. Sit back & relax as you gaze into space, in this deeply immersive sound bath experience.Explore new wonders, in this live performance by Sacred Resonance at the immersive space of The Adelaide Planetarium !


Their performances since 2007 at Adelaide Planetarium have had sell out seasons with great reviews.


For Orion, 2018: "A uniquely moving experience and one not to be missed" ~ The Clothesline.




The Solar System:

Keepler, Plato & the great composer Gustav Holst believed that the solar system and planets have their own music based on mathematical ratios or sounds. Journey through the planets of our solar system and listen to the sounds & music of the planets recorded by space probes.


The Cosmos:


An immersive experience of the star worlds beyond ! Float from the nearby nebula of Orion to the celestial clouds of distant galaxies ! 


Fractal Worlds:


Behold fractal worlds & mandala visions as you explore exoplanets & other hyperspace realms. Delve into the geometry of creation accompanied by live synthesiser soundscapes. 



Movie Credits:



Fractal Time is an abstract, immersive film that plays with the origin and future of our universe. (Julius Horsthuis)


Sacred Resonance


Sounds of Space




Sacred Resonance Music


Data Sonification


Plant Songs

2 for 1 tix 

Event Links

Plant Songs at The Joinery 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide


March 12 Opening night 7:30pm

Art Exhibition & Installation

Live Sounds Baths

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