with Sacred Resonance 


Worldwide live broadcast via Facebook  / Youtube
Saturday 23 May 2020

8:00pm (ACST[ADL]) 8:30pm (SYD/MELB)

















$5 or $10 Donation ! 

This is our first live stream so please support us and get online, get conformable, relax and enjoy the journey !

These special times are calling for new ways of sharing music, energy and vibrations ! 


On the 23rd of May we will meet in cyberspace for a very special sound bath for 1.5 hours + with Darren & Bradley of Sacred Resonance (AU)

Together we will send healing vibrations around the globe as we tune in from house to house, body temple to body temple !  


 We are warmly inviting you to join us from wherever you are.  

To bring your energy, your heart, and love 

Join us !!!

Please support our live stream to cover costs