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Psi Plantae  is an online event across major video streaming platforms with Sacred Resonance playing the music of the plants live.

Saturday 29th July 

8:30-9:30pm (C.S.T Adelaide)

Click here to register:

Hosted at "Planted by Nicole" Sacred Resonance will take you on an an hour journey into the music of the plants, that is meditative and relaxing for the soul.

Relax, unwind and be immersed in the presence of the sounds of plants! This unique, live sound bath performance incorporates the sounds created by plants, as well as relaxing, transformative music. The beauty and wonder of nature is showcased as plants are given a chance to sing! 

Sacred Resonance new album
Psi-Plantae is out now
or all major streaming platforms:
#Psiplantae by Sacred Resonance
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