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Set up by Darren Curtis and Bradley Pitt, through visionary thinking and higher experience of the Divine incorporating music, visual form and the sacred arts. Sacred Resonance - is a business that works with top musician's, researchers and spiritual thinkers of this current age.


The work involves the latest discoveries in musicology, archeoacoustics, brain-body entrainment with the consciousness sciences, for a fresh experience of colour, vision and music being unified.


Their overall aim is for higher dialogue in order to help humanity move towards a positive strategy for present dilemmas facing the mother earth and her inhabitants in the 21st century.

They are Sound Artists, Spiritual Teachers, Artists & Consciousness researchers in Australia and throughout USA & Europe. 


We are co-coordinators for the Academy for Future Science for Australia. We teach and share The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®


Sacred Resonance aims to foster a future of peace through the latest discovers in spiritual-science.




Operating since 1998 their 23-year partnership has developed a unique synthesis of education, arts, science & spirituality.  


They have produced 9 Albums, international films and now focus on also major installation sound/visual work.


New areas of work include micro-tuning systems, biofeedback tools, and music technology interfaces that explore consciousness.


Thier interest in "Resonance" and "Sound" has brought them to develop Axiatonal Music. This new musical system employ's data from resonant pyramid chambers, star sounds, and natural ecosystems. This can help with entrainment of body-mind & spirit for accessing higher states of awareness.


To find out more visit their projects page.

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