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Gates of Light DVD

Gates of Light DVD


Become the rider upon the heavenly realms on a meditative journey through the vibratory geometric Starwheels.  Ascend into the brilliant colour radiations of the Gates of Light! Experience the ‘Wheels Within Wheels’  as the mandalas unfold to reconnect to the greater Overself reality.


Through musical frequencies of axiatonal music we open our hearts of compassion, as we are prepared to behold the Messengers of Light.  They beckon us to enter the future worlds of light, revealing the sacred pathways of ascension in union with the Divine Mind and realms of Infinite Splendor.


"The StarWheels offer a tantalizing glimpse into the galaxies of consciousness whirling within our being."   -  AYA


Running time approx. 30minutes  Not Rated. Suited for most audiences.


If you have enjoyed this video based on Starwheels by AYA & quotes from The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, Overself Awakening,Pistis Sophia by J.J Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak, please order our other AFFS items from:

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