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Psi Plantae CD

Psi Plantae CD


We hope this album inspires you to become more in touch with our beloved plant kingdom and aware of our ecological responsibility as caretakers in this Garden of Paradise.

We encourage you to play this music to your plants or play it as background / meditation music allowing that connection to supernature.

The technology used to create this album measures and detects electrical impulses or vibrations via two electrodes connected to the surface of a leaf. The biological data in the form of electrical currents is collected from the plants and converted into audible frequencies, in real-time.

Data collected is converted into ‘plant music’ allowing the plant kingdom a special voice to communicate back to us through interactive biofeedback. Each plant reacts in a different way to stimuli and responds with its own unique intelligence. Like us, each plant has its own distinct voice!

The sounds attuned to 432hz are selected to reflect a harmony and deep connection with nature. These are translated into musical pitch messages that play on musical synths via computer software.


Psi-Plantae Plant Song 18:00


Plant Songs Sound Bath 13:20


Star Channels 09:38


Song of Supernature 7:01

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