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Key 4-0-4

Key 4-0-4


The Keys of Enoch and Metatron – KEY 404

The Fourth Light Picture Superscript

by Dr. J.J. Hurtak


This is the Fourth Key of the 'Last 10 Keys' – information shown to Dr. Hurtak by Enoch and Metatron to further reveal the power of the Hierarchies/Holarchies that are working with us and are behind all of Creation.

The message is how We Are To Reflect the Kingdom in our Lives — which speaks of a realm of Creation that is coded within each of us unfolding the power of supernature. The heavenly realms, from the realms of Atziluth (Emanation) to our realms of Assiah (Action), are based on a blueprint of Divine Thought. The Kingdom introduces us to the Way­showers behind the detailed workings of our universe and requires us to understand the teaching that goes with the words: “Thy Kingdom Come… on Earth as it is in the Heavens!“


Softbound quality print, 160 Pages

Maximum 5 copies per order. 

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