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Key 4-0-3

Key 4-0-3


The Keys of Enoch and Metatron – KEY 403

The Third Light Picture Superscript

by Dr. J.J. Hurtak


This is the Third Key of the 'Last 10 Keys' – information shown to Dr. Hurtak by Enoch and Metatron to further reveal the power of the Divine Names used by the prophets and apostles.

Key 4‐0‐3 – We Are The Name – speaks of the integral part of Divine Creation that is coded within each of us unfolding the power of supernature. This Key is reveals the power of the Divine Names which is the beginning of miracles within our consciousness. Our hope for eternal life does not simply spring from a longing for spiritual existence, but grows out of the use and application of the Holy Names of God as a witness and path for a more energetic life and contact with the higher angelic worlds.

The Divine Names revealed to the ancients throughout the world are key to a tonal cosmology of life and the sustaining field of the activated Light Body by adepts and mystics who understood the power of sacred language. This is essential for understanding how the Name(s) is (are) encoded within each of us, that is “You are The Name” in terms of the inner tuning of the human body that becomes the "temple of understanding".

With the Sacred Names, we can all understand the consciousness power of Divine science which not only governs the sacred geometry of the temples around the world, but also the mathematics of the universe. Through the use of the Divine Names, humanity can be united to the Living Most High God as planetary humanity goes forth to become Homo Universalis.


Softbound quality print, 180 Pages

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